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Iowa Active Learning Community Partnership

Impact + Need

STEM opportunities in Iowa have grown over the past decade, due largely in part to initiatives such as the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council (the starting point of the Iowa ALCP) and with good reason. According to Future Ready Iowa, the state has a number of growing employment opportunities in the STEM field. These include jobs in manufacturing, health care, accounting, and education. By offering STEM programming in an out-of-school time setting, youth can explore new and exciting opportunities that build upon what they are learning during the school day. When youth are excited about learning, they do better academically which becomes the foundation for a bright future. A future of post-secondary education and viable employment. 


The Iowa Active Community Learning Partnership’s in Iowa includes a three pronged approach to advancing STEM across the state.  ​

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STEM Curriculum Lessons

First, the expansion and access to high quality STEM curriculum lessons through an online repository


Equity and Inclusivity

Second, the vetting and approval of all curriculum lessons using an Equity and Inclusivity lens ensuring that all students, especially those who identify as female, are encouraged to fully participate in the STEM experience.

Chemistry Students

Professional Development

Third, the incorporation of professional development opportunities that will focus on ways sites can develop role models, mentors, and more fully engage families in STEM experiences. 

Students in a Science Class

The Iowa Active Learning Community Partnership and Framework

The Iowa Active Learning Community Partnership (Iowa ALCP) consists of STEM professionals working in Iowa's informal education community. Members include the Blank Park Zoo, the Science Center of Iowa, The Iowa Children's Museum and the Iowa Afterschool Alliance. All members are trained as STEM "Dimensions of Success" observers and certified by the PEAR Institute at Harvard University.


This website is designed to be a support for anyone interested in providing STEM programming and activities to youth in an informal setting. The lesson plan repository, resources, and professional development opportunities target the needs of out-of-school time programs and staff. Out-of-school time can be defined as programming that supports youth before school, after school, weekend and/or summer programming. 


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The Iowa Afterschool Alliance is a network of organizations and individuals who support high quality out-of-school time programming and seek to improve access to high quality programs across Iowa. The IAA serves as a convener, connector, and catalyst. 

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